Good Yoga Reads Online


***Tämä postaus on vaan englanniksi, suomenkielinen suomalaisilla linkeillä tulossa perään.***

Here’s a round up of few yoga articles & sources I return quite often. Some of you have asked more information about the benefits of yoga and how does it compare to other physical activities so hopefully you’ll find these as useful as I have.

 On Philosophy:

The Eight Limbs, The Core of Yoga” by William J.D. Doran. Probably a two-three pager if you were to print this out, this is an easily digestable summary of the eight limbs and how they can translate to real life.

For an explanation and discussion about the Yoga Sutras I have not found any better than this website. There is actually a ton of material on this site even outside the sutras, AND a ”how to use this site” section. Much gratitude to Swami J for his site.

I’m a tree… no, a pillar!

On Yoga vs Other Types of Exercise

 There is a growing number of interest in scientifically proving the benefits of yoga, both mentally and physically. The main issue with these is that with so many different types of yoga styles the studies made can have very varied outcomes. Nevertheless, here are few articles that I have found pretty informative and/or interesting, keeping in mind that it is usually advisable to mix up your exercise routine and interested rather than relying on one thing only.

 Alisa Bauman wrote in 2007 about ”Is Yoga Enough to Keep you Fit?”

If you are a runner, you might want to read this.

And one about Bikram (hot yoga) and weight loss.

About the Muscles Used

Ok, some of these poses in this linke are not very accessible to even the most seasoned practiotioners but there are also some very common streches here. If you already have a practise, this might be interesting to see what musclegroups you strech. Just remember to incorporate your breath!

Chaturanga (the pose that looks like a plank that you then lower to the ground, arms by your body) is one of the hardest things in a yoga class in my opinion. It is so hard to get it right and the more vinyasa-style class you have, the more you do them. And the more tired you get, the chances are the less mindful you become about it. Here is a good article about how to get comfortable with your chaturanga in your head and here is a video of the physical aspects of it.  You can always modify your chaturanga by placing your knees down on the ground.

Never easy but at least my wrists in line with my elbows and shoulders.


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