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About Yoga Photos for Instagram…

January 23, 2017

After all the talk about the Yoga Sutras I feel the need (maybe you do too) for some comic relief. So who else to turn to than JP Sears and his video about the importance of Yoga Photos for Instagram.

My own yoga pictures do not ever rarely always turn out like I imagined them in my head. Here are few of them that I find quite funny, although not necessarily that informative or esthetically pleasing as I wanted them. Special note for the fact that the horizon is NEVER straight when I use the self-timer.

Faceplant-asana. At least my elbows are by my body.


“Escape, quick, before the human kicks!”


Proof that animals learn quick. Set the camera – they are in the sea. And who needs a head in the picture anyway?


Well, they are loyal too. “You need help Human? Looks like you are falling over?”


Oh hello Kalimera, just streching and looking akward to start off the day.

The last two photos are taken by Heidi Marttinen and the horizon is straight.




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