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Asana Practise and Wellness Through Movement

Yoga Tourist in Paris Part 2

February 28, 2017

Originally I had planned to go to an advanced level vinyasa class on my last full day in Paris. With all the walking done over the days (and long dinner on Tuesday on Tuesday evening) I however started feeling like something mellower would be a better fit for the day. As mentioned I had really like the energy at Studio Keller the day before and I quick look at their schedule showed there was an afternoon all levels vinyasa class (vinyasa tout niveau.) I was really curious to see an all-levels class by another teacher as it is common for most teachers to have a class with people of different abilities and it can be challenging to keep it interesting and challenging enough for everybody. The afternoon class was also Studio Keller’s weekly community class so it was priced only at 10 euros. What’s not to like!?

At the start of the class the teacher greeted returning students by their names, went through all the new people to get their names and introducing herself. She also checked who was new to yoga and maybe most importantly, if anybody had any injuries or restrictions on the day she should be aware of. Unfortunately this is not a question you often hear at classes although especially in the case of people new to asana-practise it allows the teacher to modify the poses based on whatever issue a practitioner might have. I get that in a big class giving individual attention to everybody is simply not do-able but if you have to choose who you are going to give it, this is probably the best way to find out.

The actual yoga was great although personally it was not the best practise I have had. Variations for the vinyasas were given (one being staying in child’s pose) and all the instructions were clear to follow for everybody (which did not stop me from getting confused between right and left but that happens to me everywhere, in every language) and there was a lot of humour. There was a really warm atmosphere in the room that goes to tell a lot about the quality of the teaching. Highly recommended!

There are numerous other yoga studios left to visit so do let me know what are your favourites in the comments as I hope to go and visit the City of Lights again later this year!


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