Spring Clean

In the last post I wrote about moving away from things that just do not feel right, even if reason can tell us otherwise. Needless to say, the topic of recognising when it is time to change the course and refocus energies has been in my mind a lot lately.

CrazyChicks on Kiti Square
Sharp focus like these chicken in an orderly formation.

Not that I have gone for some radical overhaul of my life (yet), rather I have tweaked certain things and re-evaluated others. In no particular other I…

….decided that pursuing the pregnancy yoga teacher certificate is not for me, not right now. I have learned a lot and it has also been a genuine joy to teach the ladies here in my home city. I am very grateful for the experience but also have to let go what does not feel 100% true to me.

…stopped teaching regular public classes for now. Instead I focus on my Skype Clients and face-to-face privates and small groups. I will also do pop up yoga classes outside by the water as the weather is getting warmer. To catch the times and places of these classes remember to follow my Facebook yoga page!

… will widen the scope of this blog from yoga to other wellbeing & lifestyle topics that I find interesting. With this you can expect the updates to come a bit more regular too!

…am sharpening my focus regards finding a job. I love teaching yoga but at this point I cannot solely rely on the revenue it generates. So, if you have or know of a (part-time) role in your organisation and wonder what else I can do in addition to writing, researching, teaching yoga and doing graphs on Canva, check out my LinkedIn profile here. I am also interested in any freelancing gig, project work or similar so do not hesitate to get in touch with me to talk further!

On this note, here’s a link to an article that resonated and motivated with me. I am not a fan of any type of fatalism along the lines “everything happens for a reason”, and citing the Law of attraction alone (“aim high”) seems a bit too vague on its own. Therefore I was pleased to see a piece with personal responsibility and forgiving oneself (and moving on!) included. Have a look and tell me what you think.

Onwards and upwards it is. Have a good Easter break everyone and  stay tuned!

Easter decoration Kiti Village

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