About Bullet Journaling

Back in December I wrote about bullet journaling and how I was giving it a go. Four months later I am loving the method as it really helps to bring structure to my life.  Several of my friends have taken up BuJo-ing as well so I thought I do a little update about the whys and hows.

If you are new to the concept, bullet journal is simply a notebook of your choice that works as a  calendar, a notebook (or  replacing a whole bunch of post-its and random pieces paper lying around) and a journal between the same covers. How you want to it to look like is pretty much up to you!

There are certain guidelines you can follow to get you started but after that can get as creative as you want: how you want to lay down your weekly and daily planning, what things you want to to track and how much you want spend on the esthetics of the thing.

I like to have a weekly spread, with a to-do list for the week and I fill in the days usually the night before. Sometimes I take more than a spread if I have a meeting where I want to take notes on one of the days. Monthly goals is my BuJo staple, as is monthly reflextions: For these I take an hour or three to go through past entries, evaluate what worked and what did not, modify what needs to be modified and in general to plan ahead, a little bit wiser about my habits and motivations. For lists I do a separate entry, such as packing for weekend/week trips, as proper planning usually allows for a hand luggage only travel in Europe. Some people like to have a text only calendar, personally I find that decorating my BuJo also often fills in the creatively meditative void between doodling, colouring books and full blown drawing/painting session.

Here are some pictures to illustrate my planning goals. For more details and inspirations, you can check out my Pinterest Bullet Journal board.

Having an index is the genious part of Bullet Journals – no more going through the pages trying to find that list of books/films/documentaries you have been recommended and you now would have time to look into! For extra clarity I divide the months too.

Bullet Journalin alkuun tehdään sisällysluettelo joka helpottaa listojen ja muiden hakemista. Sivut pitää tietenkin siis numeroida mutta se on pienempi vaiva kuin jatkuva plärääminen sen yhden asian löytämiseksi. Erotan kuukaudet nykyään myös toisistaan jotta asioiden löytäminen on vielä helpompaa.

Different headers.

Planner Planning Captions


Different types of spreads from two different BuJos. 

BulletJournal Swedish

BuJo Spread OneWeek

 Aukeamat kahdesta eri BuJosta.

Who else loves stationary? My current Bullet Journal is Moleskin A5 softskin dotted grid, the next one will be Leuchttrum1917 (don’t know how to pronounce that either) A5 dotted grid that has the pages already numbered and blank table of content pages at the beginning.

Stationery Bullet Journal

Kuka muu rakastaa kyniä ja muita paperitarvikkeita? Tämän hetken Bullet Jouranlini on Moleskinin pehmeäkantinen A5 kokoinen, pisteytetyllä ruudukolla. Seuraavaksi käyttööm tulee samankokoinen Leuchttrum1917 jossa sivunumerot on jo valmiina. Kumpaakin oli tarjolla ainakin Akateemisessa Kirjakaupassa.

Pens Planning Planner

Sometimes there is competition for the best journaling spot in the house.

Dog Bullet Journal

Parhaalle miettimis- ja kirjoittamispaikalle talossa on välillä kilpailua.

I would love to hear from your best bullet journaling tips so don’t hesitate to drop a line in the comments section!

Bullet Journaling on konsepti joka yhdistaa kalenterin, muistikirjan ja miksei päiväkirjankin samojen kansien sisään. Itse olen ihastunut tähän koska itsetekeminen antaa kalenterille joustavuutta ja kirjan alussa oleva sisällysluottelo (tälle on hyvä varata useampi sivu) helpottaa kalenterimerkintöjen ja listojen löytämisen myöhemminkin. Huomattavasti helpompaa kun kuittien ja muiden papereiden takapuolelle kirjoitettujen asioiden etsiminen.

Ylläolevista kuvista idea toivottavasti idea aukeaa hieman enemmän. Löysin myös tämän blogitekstin suomeksi jossa valoitetaan asiaa enemmän.



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