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Asana Practise and Wellness Through Movement

New Yoga Classes in Mazotos, Larnaca

May 23, 2017

Working together with Hadjios Valley Villas and Gym in Mazotos, Larnaca,  I am now offering three weekly classes at their premises. We want these classes to be accessible to everybody in the community of Mazotos, the nearby villages and also the tourists visiting us. This is why we offer the classes at a very reasonable price, with three different pricing options to choose from.

The classes are taught following the YogaWorks method, emphasising increased awareness of the body & movement and safe alignment in asana. Naturally there will also be some breath work and a generous savasana (relaxation) at the end. These classes are suitable for complete beginners and to those coming back to yoga after a break from exercise, and are taught in English.

There will be 3 classes a week, each taking about 70-75 minutes in total:

  • Monday’s at 6.30pm
  • Wednesday’s at 9am
  • Thursday’s at 6.30pm

The prices are as follows:

  • Monthly pass (you can go to all lessons during one month): 40 euros
  • Weekly pass ( you can go to one lesson per week during one month): 25 euros
  • Drop in price: 8 euros

The passes are valid for a month. Kindly note that the classes cannot be moved forward/replaced if you miss a few during the month. This allows us to keep the prices low, benefitting the community as a whole.


Please book your mat with Costas at Hadjios Valley on 99883364 or by dropping a message via their Facebook page. You are of course welcomed to bring your own mat and props if you have them. Otherwise just wear comfortable clothing and come with an open mind to explore what yoga is all about.

To read more about yoga and its benefits read my previous posts about what yoga even is (and is not) and what it can do for you.

You can also check out this nice article about how to get most out of your yoga class here. And if you are in a rush, here’s a summary of the key points: Just do it, leave the ego and (self) expectations at the door, listen to the teacher and remember to switch your phone off!

Hope to see you on the mat on Monday, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays!



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