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Never too hot for yoga

July 19, 2017

July in Cyprus has been insanely hot (as in, A LOT hotter than the average 36-37C degrees) and humid. I still keep my yoga classes going (with great attendance as well so big bravo for everybody showing great dedication) but I have slowed down the rhythm of them somewhat. Focus has been on breath, some more detailed yoga philosophy and anatomy conversation and revisiting the basic poses, really taking our time to explore them and what difference minor adjustments can do. When lying down makes you sweat there is no point to have a super strong practise.

The one exception to this is the SUP yoga sessions I have been guiding on early Sunday mornings. It is the best time for the practise as the sun is high yet and the sea is little bit cooler. I’ve had many people coming to try SUP yoga (or “yoga inspired SUP fitness class” as I like to call it) for the first time, some of them yoga teachers themselves. I always tell them that they should not expect the practise on the board to be anything similar to their mat sessions. There is always some movement and current going on in the sea, none of which you can really predict. Although the boards used for SUP yoga are stable, they are still boards on the water and balance can be hard to maintain. Therefore warriors and lunges are done with a wider stance and you definitely get to work and feel your muscles in a different way. The SUP practise is also a good test on the state of ego: falling into the water happens easily but it is also part of the fun, as long as you let it be fun. At least the water is clear and warm, and you are guaranteed to wake up if there was no time for coffee in the morning.

Below are some pictures from my SUP yoga sessions this summer and during previous years. All of them are taken by the crew at WindsurfCityCyprus. To catch the next class I teach follow my Facebook page. 

AMS in the WaterSUPyogaclassBow poseSUP joogaFinal relaxation on SUP




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