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Om Yoga Show London

October 22, 2017
OmYogaShowLondon October 2017

Two weeks into being back in London, I have been making most of the things I did not have a chance to do in Cyprus: Walking around a lot, going to classical music concerts and having dinner at 6 pm (rather than at 9 pm.)

Of course there has been yoga too. This week I have ventured to Yoga Place E2 (apparently the oldest yoga studio in East London) for an early morning vinyasa flow and to a community class (read = cheaper prided) at TriYoga’s brand new Shoreditch location. I really enjoyed both and especially the latter addressed the need to root down and refocus in the middle of all running around.

This weekend London is also hosting Om Yoga Show at Alexander Palace. It is the biggest event of its kind in Europe, with over 250 exhibitors, free yoga classes on various stages, talks, workshops and everything else related to yoga and yogic lifestyle.

I made my visit there yesterday afternoon. I did not even attempt to do any of the workshops or classes (because Friday night happened) but enjoyed walking around, talking to people and just taking in everything. I let the pictures do the rest of the talking. The Om Yoga Show is still going on today until 6 pm if you fancy going around.

Alexander Palace is on a hill. A steep hill. Heart rate at 130-ish (we checked.)

Open yoga class Om Yoga Show

Loved Mayatma’s t-shirts, designed and made in France, all organic cotton!

t shirt en coton biologique

Ecological yogamats

Yoga Shop

And the purchases..? Three pairs of Toe Soxs on a huge discount because apparently these are “last season’s prints.” I’m cool with that.

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