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Yoga Tourist in Paris Again – Affordable Yoga and Fitness

February 22, 2018

Pretty much to the day of my Paris trip last year I got to go there back again for a quick visit (and quick it was, apologies to my friends for not reaching out – next time!) No trip is however short enough not to include self-care so taking a yoga class was on the programme, and of course I wanted to try something new.

When searching for yoga classes during my trip last winter I came across the name of Affordable Yoga and Fitness several times. They were also recommended to me on Facebook forums so it was time to check them out.

Our mission at Affordable Yoga & Fitness is to make yoga and fitness practice financially accessible to as many people as possible. Through our affordable pricing and flexible conditions we want to break down all the barriers to leading a healthy lifestyle. So that everyone has an equal chance to experience optimum health and wellbeing. In this way, we hope to contribute to your happiness and, in turn, the happiness of others around you.

What makes AY+F particularly interesting is the backstory and the concept. AY+F started as a meet up group in 201 with Anna, the founder and a qualified yoga teacher, having the aim to meet new people and offer yoga in English at an accessible price in a City she was new to. This proved to be a successful formula and today the company offers yoga and fitness classes in 6 locations in Paris, and as of recently, in Toulouse. The guiding philosophy has however stayed with a drop in prices being 6 and 10 euros for a 60 minute and 90 minute classes respectively. In a City where you can easily expect to pay 20 euros or more for a drop in class this indeed is an attractive concept!

The class I joined was at in the 1st arrondissement in Paris, just off the famous Rue Saint-Honore. It is not exactly the neighbourhood that comes to mind when thinking about “affordable” but there you go – what are big cities about if not full of contradictions. The location was very Parisian, reminding me a little bit of my visit to Studio Keller last year: Think old beautiful building, spiralling wooden staircase and a room with big windows, plenty of light, creaky floor with the sounds of the street audible in the distance. The class was an all levels flow class, guided with kindness and clear cues by xxx. Again, as Paris is a big city, the class was exactly 60 minutes, very well structured with a decent savasana at the end. It was not massively sweaty practise so ideal for those going back to work and wanting a break from the desk-and-computer rut, although I have to say I was very aware of my abs the following day!

Anna, the founder of Affortable Yoga, and Atie the yoga teacher

AY+F is definitely one I keep in mind for my future visits, as they offer a wide range of different classes (not all yoga either) and the fact you can enjoy very reasonably priced classes without committing to any type of class pass (although you can if you want) is just attractive on its own. You can check out their webpage for more information hereand I would love to hear about your favourite affordable yoga places in where you live in the comments below!

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