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Social media update and why I use it in the first place.

February 3, 2017

I started this blog because I like writing  and I did not find (m)any blogs about yoga combining the physical and more spritual aspects of it. I’ve been using Instagram for several years because I like taking and looking at photos. Insta also proved to be a great tool when I was recovering from my dislocated shoulder few years back. It allowed me to follow my progress that…

Everyday Life and Thoughts

CMD 2017/renew

January 1, 2017

What seems to be the most anticipated New Year is finally here and yes, I for one am pretty happy for it. Not because 2016 was personally the worst ever (but it was very bizarre) but because those weird ”non-existent days” between Christmas and New Year always make me feel like I am on a weird limbo-timeloop where nothing you do really counts (for the good and the…

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A little bit more sustainable Christmas Presents

December 17, 2016

Buying Christmas presents (or any present) can be a bit of stress, especially if left at the last-ish minute, and/or you have just run out of ideas. I would normally recommend a donation to a charity of your choice, in the name of the gift receiver, but if you think your nearest and dearest are not quite ready to hear you have given out goats/toilets/school uniforms on their…

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This Week…

December 11, 2016

…I took an evening flow yoga class, taught in Greek and in Russian. It’s always good to explore what’s out there. It was a nice class, with music too. …Finland had her 99th Independence Day. I celebrated it at a reception where I met another yoga teacher. We talked about our respective teacher trainings and how we both like a slow practise. …”My” Teacher Anna Zorzou is on…

Asana Practise and Wellness Through Movement Everyday Life and Thoughts

Music during Yoga Class: Threat or Opportunity?

November 30, 2016

In all honestly up until few years ago I did not realise playing music in yoga classes was something that a) happens and b) is a preference for some. Now, I don’t mind either way. I sometimes practise at home with music on the background, and I have been to great yoga classes accompanied with well thought through music (think drum’n’base during a strong Jivamukti class at 7…

Everyday Life and Thoughts

Melissa’s Nicosia Mandalas Part II

November 28, 2016

Yesterday was the launch of my friend Melissa’s colouring book inspired by the circular shape and artwork of the Cypriot Capital’s Old City. I let the pictures describe the rest.  Ystäväni Melissan väristyskirja julkaistiin eilen. Kirjaa innoitti Kyproksen pääkaupungin vanhan kaupungin ympyrämuoto ja se hienot yksityiskohdat. Kuvat saavat kertoa enemmän. The book will be available in major bookstores Island wide as from the mid December. It should also…

Everyday Life and Thoughts

Melissa’s Nicosia Mandalas

November 22, 2016

***Finnish text after English/Suomeksi englannin jälkeen*** When the writer and children’s books author Melissa Hekkers came across pictures of mandalas in a colouring book last winter, they immediately reminded her the circular shape of the Old City of Nicosia, the Capital of Cyprus. The concept of Mandala (coming from the Sanskrit word ”circle”) symbolises harmony and unity through balancing visual elements: As Nicosia (or Lefkosia/Lefkoşa in the local…

Asana Practise and Wellness Through Movement Everyday Life and Thoughts

About Yoga Mats

November 18, 2016

***Suomi versio tulossa myöhemmin*** To practise yoga, you really do not need anything else but the willingness to be present in the now and the yoga mat as we know it is a rather new Western invention. However it can bring a new aspect to the practise by creating a space for your meditation and adding cushioning and stability for the asana. These days there is a wide…