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Yoga Philosophy and Mindfulness

About The Yoga Sutras and other ponderings.

Asana Practise and Wellness Through Movement Yoga Philosophy and Mindfulness

1 Bonus Tip for Better Sleep

October 9, 2016

…and it’s a yoga pose! Legs-up-the-Wall-Pose, or Viparita Karani, is an asana favoured by many and no wonder as it is said to help with many different ailments, such as: Anxiety Arthritis Digestive problems Headache High and low blood pressure Insomnia Migraine Mild depression Respiratory ailments Urinary disorders Varicose veins Menstrual cramps Premenstrual syndrome Menopause This pose is a restorative one, so in a yoga class you would…

Yoga Philosophy and Mindfulness

8 Tips for Better Sleep

October 7, 2016

Sleeping! One of my favourite things to do and I do it well. Unfortunately not everybody is as lucky as I am and lack of sleep or inability to fall asleep is a real issue for many. Talking to people I have realised that in addition to my natural sleeping abilities there have few things I have done all my life that mean I have a specific bedtime…

Asana Practise and Wellness Through Movement Videos and Funny Things Yoga Philosophy and Mindfulness

The Science Behind Yoga

September 30, 2016

If you have half an hour to spare I highly recommend this document on the scientific research behind the benefits of Yoga. No esoteric talk in sight so this is very suitable for the critical minds out there. The YouTube link belos is for the trailer, watch the whole thing here. Alla on linkki 30 minuutin dokumenttiin joogan tieteellisesti tutkituista hyödyistä, valitettavasti siinä ei ole suomenkielisiä tekstejä. YouTube-linkistä…

Yoga Philosophy and Mindfulness

What is Yoga?

September 22, 2016

I have been forcing kindly asking friends and family for some feedback on the blog. My cousin suggested I write about what yoga actually is and means, for those who see it as ”sitting on the floor in an uncomfortable position, being spiritual.” Which, of course, it should not be. So I took it upon myself to try and explain a bit what yoga is (or at least…

Asana Practise and Wellness Through Movement Yoga Philosophy and Mindfulness

Yoga books I like

September 12, 2016

***English text follows the Finnish one*** Joogakirjallisuus ei ole mikään uusi asia. Ensimmäinen koottu teksti joogasta kirjallisessa muodossa, Patanjalin joogasutrat, on koottu noin vuoden 400 jKr aikoihin (ajasta ei ole varmaa tietoa ja sen takia päivänmäärissä voi näkyä eroja.) Bhagavad Gita, toinen teksti jossa viitataan joogaan, epäillään taas olevan ajalta ennen ajanlaskun alkua. Tässä tekstissä tuon esille kirjoja joista on ollut minulle hyötyä joogaopiskelussani. Osaa kirjoista tutkin melkein…