About Elina

My name is Elina and OnTheSameTimeZone started as a blog back in 2016 when I was living in Cyprus. The name of the blog came from being originally from Finland, a country that shares the same timezone with Cyprus – That is about the only thing those two countries have in common.

Back in 2016 I had been practising various aspects of yoga for about a decade, and I had completed my first 200 hours teacher training composed of a curated combination of Ashtanga, Iyengar and Viniyoga. The aim of the blog was to demystify yoga (and give tips on how to simplify life in general, as yoga helps with that too) and play a part in making it accessible to all. This is still very much true.

Since that moment I have gone through almost 500 hours of further professional development, many of them in therapeutic applications of yoga. These include practises such as Pre-Natal Yoga, Yoga Therapy for Chronic Pain, Yoga Nidra and Chair Yoga. I am also a passionate mental health advocate, and continue my education in Applications of Yoga for Depression and Anxiety in specific. Physically, as a life-long athlete, I have gone through few big injuries, teaching me valuable first hand lessons about (E/)ego, patience, rehabilitation and holistic approach to healing.

We all have it in ourselves to make adjustments, step by step, to improve our wellbeing through yoga. It is such a pleasure to have you visiting my website and please do not hesitate to get in touch in case of any questions. I would love to get you started, or further accompany you, on your yoga journey. I speak fluent English, French and Finnish.

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