I am not flexible enough to do yoga.

I am glad you do not feel “flexible enough.” It is a very good starting point to begin your yoga journey, and the sentence alone tells me that you are aware of your     body.  That’s all we need, that and your ability to breath. Yoga is not about being (impossibly/at all) bendy. It is about joy of being present, finding calm and yes, a little bit of movement too. But please do not think that you are not flexible enough to do yoga. You are ready for yoga as you are as long you are curious about it.

   Your Yoga Classes are expensive.

The price of my privates is aligned with the other body work practitioners (massage therapists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists etc.) in the area where I live, and I am somewhere in the middle of the price range at the moment. My prices take into account things such as rent of the space we practise, expertise required, travel cost and time and so forth. I do offer a free 30 minute Chair Yoga session (partly seated, partly standing for those who want) online every Thursday at 9 am UK time. I also have several videos on YouTube you can use to practise at home that are completely free.

   Will I be the only man in the class?

These days I would almost dare to say unlikely but I promise that. What I know is that it is very rare for me to have a 100% female class. Thinking of it, it is more common to have a 100% male class. Yoga is for everybody (regardless how you might identify yourself, my classes are a safe space for people to be who they are) and as said, at least in London I have never been left thinking “oh I wish there were more of this or that.” Yoga is for everybody and every body so the more diversity I see, the happier I am!

   What type of clothes/gear do I need?

Comfortable and warm clothes. Layers are very good as it is possible that some parts of the class create warmth but relaxation is likely to bring your body temperature down a little bit so you want to be warm for that. You definitely do not need leggings/figure hugging clothing. Just to give an idea, I have succesfully taught yoga for individuals who wear a particular type of clothing based on their spiritual beliefs (think skirts, apparel that covers ankles and wrists, veils) and none of that got on the way of asana.

Studios and gyms will have yoga mats and other props you might need. If you are new to yoga and doing a private, I am happy to bring few different types of yoga mats for you to try to get an idea. Just mention this when you book.

   Yoga is boring.

What is boring for you? Is there anything you can think of that could make a yoga class interesting?

You are not wrong though. I certainly have been bored in yoga classes but that has never made the class any less valuable. Boredom is a perfectly good feeling to be had from time to time. My invitation is to get comfortable with the sensations and emotions you experience during your practise. Share them if you are comfortable. Get curious.

   Where can I find your classes? Can I do a drop in class?

At the moment I teach one online class every Monday (Hatha Yoga), 17:45 – 18:45 UK time and you can do a drop-in (buy a pay-as-you-go) to that.

Otherwise I teach at the moment (I am writing this November 2023) at the Nuffield Health Gyms in London, Chair Yoga at various Community Groups and corporate/private classes. I have some availability for personal/small group one off classes (for an event, say a Hen Do as an example) or a regular classes if the group is organised by you (the payment will be set and T&Cs will apply, regardless the participation.) Get in touch to inquire more.

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