Have You Tried SUP Yoga Yet?

Cyprus is the perfect place for weddings, wind(surfing), occasionally waves AND for SUP Yoga! I am currently on the Island for all of the above and will be teaching two more SUP Yoga classes this Saturday and Sunday at WindsurfCity Cyprus in Makenzy Beach, Larnaca.

So what happens on a SUP Yoga class?

In all honestly I prefer calling SUP Yoga as “yoga inspired” class rather than a “yoga class.” As the whole thing happens whilst floating on what essentially is a big surf board (just wider and longer) it is simply impossible to have as good balance as we would standing on the ground. Therefore all the poses we do need to be more or less adapted and some are simply out of the question. Sure we can go to Instagram and see people doing headstands and all that stuff on a board but just like the other fancy poses you see, they do not represent the reality.


If you feel slightly disappointed now, don’t! SUP Yoga will challenged you regardless, even if you are experienced yogi or have never tried yoga before, because of the Sea beneath us. The key is to let go all expectations and just focus on the moment – and trust me, a sudden movement of the sea, in the middle of calm, really brings you to the here and now. I usually start my classes lying down, tuning in and build the sequence up to hands and knees and eventually standing. There will be plenty of familiar poses to be experienced in a new way and you can also expect to feel and activate your muscles in a different way. Falling in also happens, it is part of the fun and a sure way of test where the Ego is. And of course there is Savasana at the end. Nothing better than Savanasa lying down on a board, in the beautiful East Med, under the morning sun!

Final relaxation on SUP

Wear your swim gear (bikini, swimsuit, rash vest if you prefer complete sun protection, shorts…), sunscreen, sun glasses you don’t mind getting wet and maybe a cap or another type of hat. Just like in a regular yoga class,  is always better if your gear does not have buckles, decoration, big buttons or anything metallic as we will be lying down both on our backs and belly and you do not want anything pressing against your body.

Please book your board in advance by dropping me or Margarita a text via this and this link – SUPping is very popular so we want to make sure everybody who shows up gets a board and nobody is left waiting because of no-shows and/or drop ins. The cost of the class is 18 euros and it will be in English (although I do speak very poor Greek too, occasionally.)

SUP jooga

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