Spring Clean

In the last post I wrote about moving away from things that just do not feel right, even if reason can tell us otherwise. Needless to say, the topic of recognising when it is time to change the course and refocus energies has been in my mind a lot lately. Not that I have gone … More Spring Clean

Photos and Quotes

Because sometimes all there is left to say is “it is what it is.” Because it is Tuesday. Because I like looking at pictures and reading quotes and somebody else might too. Because sometimes the best thing is to remain quiet and enjoy the silence. Tallenna

CMD 2016/release

It’s the last day of the year and I went for a swim to wash myself clean of 2016! Bring on the New Year’s Eve, the two rings of 23:59 on this Island with a horizontal timezone across the Capital and all of 2017! Tallenna

This Week…

…I took an evening flow yoga class, taught in Greek and in Russian. It’s always good to explore what’s out there. It was a nice class, with music too. …Finland had her 99th Independence Day. I celebrated it at a reception where I met another yoga teacher. We talked about our respective teacher trainings and … More This Week…

Melissa’s Nicosia Mandalas Part II

Yesterday was the launch of my friend Melissa’s colouring book inspired by the circular shape and artwork of the Cypriot Capital’s Old City. I let the pictures describe the rest.  Ystäväni Melissan väristyskirja julkaistiin eilen. Kirjaa innoitti Kyproksen pääkaupungin vanhan kaupungin ympyrämuoto ja se hienot yksityiskohdat. Kuvat saavat kertoa enemmän. The book will be available … More Melissa’s Nicosia Mandalas Part II

Melissa’s Nicosia Mandalas

***Finnish text after English/Suomeksi englannin jälkeen*** When the writer and children’s books author Melissa Hekkers came across pictures of mandalas in a colouring book last winter, they immediately reminded her the circular shape of the Old City of Nicosia, the Capital of Cyprus. The concept of Mandala (coming from the Sanskrit word ”circle”) symbolises harmony … More Melissa’s Nicosia Mandalas